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Chasing Rings (written November 11, 2012)

Posted: 17th November 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Bill Russell has eleven. Michael Jordan won six. Magic Johnson has five, as does Kobe Bryant. Tim Duncan has four and Larry Bird three. But for some stars, an NBA championship ring can be as elusive as a snake in tall grass. The six men listed above have many things in common, but a rather […]

2012-13 NBA Preview: Part III

Posted: 29th October 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Northwest Division 1.    Oklahoma City Thunder:  In a shockingly sudden move Saturday night, OKC traded 6th man of the year, James Harden (and others), to the Houston Rockets, in return for guards Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, two first-round draft picks, and a second-round draft pick. With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook still the one-two punch […]

2012-13 NBA Preview: Part II (Pacific and Atlantic divisions)

Posted: 23rd October 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Pacific Division 1.    Los Angeles Lakers:  What L.A. lacked the most last season was a quality PG. The remedy? Shipping four future draft picks to Phoenix and landing 2-time MVP, Steve Nash, who instantly became the most likeable Laker since Magic Johnson. And then just when L.A. gave you the slightest reason to not hate […]

2012-13 NBA Preview: Part I (Southwest and Southeast divisions)

Posted: 17th October 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Southwest Division 1.     San Antonio Spurs:  Will the Spurs ever go away? As long as Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili make up the core of the team, you can be sure the answer to that question is, no, they will not go away. Despite finishing near the top of the league every […]

Meet your Timberwolves

Posted: 4th October 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

With the Minnesota Timberwolves season opener against the Sacramento Kings, slated for November 2nd, just over a month away, it is time to meet and start getting excited about your 2012-13 Timberwolves squad. After just one season as head coach of the Wolves, Rick Adelman helped David Kahn majorly overhaul of the roster. Gone from […]

1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 USA Olympic Team

Posted: 24th July 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

While camping along the North Shore of Lake Superior this weekend, the thought of what to write about upon my return home Sunday night came over me. Surely there would be something going on in the Minnesota sports world, which could garner this week’s focus. The Timberwolves swinging and missing on not only Nic Batum, […]

NBA Player Movement

Posted: 17th July 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations, David Kahn, has been a busy man this offseason. When the Wolves tip off the 2012-13 season, their roster is sure to look much different than it did in their final game of the 2011-12 season. However, the biggest piece of the offseason puzzle for Kahn and the Wolves […]

NBA Draft ’12: more than a Mock Draft

Posted: 25th June 2012 by Jeff Plattner in College Basketball, NBA

The NBA Draft is Thursday, June 28th, but the idea of doing some typical, boring mock draft where I simply run down the teams and plug in players where they might go did not seem appealing. Therefore, with a quick text message, I contacted two of my closest friends, Jim and Jay, who have two […]

6 Things I Hate About No. 6

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Wondering what topic to write about this week, I found myself sitting around a campfire at a friend’s lake cabin Friday night. As the twelve of us visited and bounced from topic to topic, the mood was very laid back, as you would expect from a weekend at the cabin. And then a person’s name […]

NBA Draft Prospects to know (Part II)

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Jeff Plattner in College Basketball, NBA

Last week we met the top nine PG, SG, and SF prospects of the 2012 NBA Draft. This week, let’s not waste any time. Starting with the all but guaranteed No. 1 overall selection, come draft night, here are nine of the top frontcourt prospects in the 2012 NBA draft class. Anthony Davis – PF […]