2012 NL/AL West Limerick Preview

Posted: 11th April 2012 by Jeff Plattner in MLB
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Recently, we kicked off our three-piece MLB preview with a poetic look at the National League East and American League East divisions. Now, we’ll skip over the Central and head clear across the country to the West Coast as we cover the National League West and American League West.

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks: 91-71

Justin Upton’s an absolute beast.

Two pick-ups are the missing piece,

Kubel helps the DBacks score,

Cahill nice as starter four

When the falls comes will the DBacks feast?

 San Francisco Giants: 88-74

Solid rotation, that’s always the case.

The lineup has no star-studded face.

Melky, Angel in San Fran,

Posey needs to be the man.

Giants lose out in the NL West race.

 Los Angeles Dodgers: 87-75

Kemp’s new goal is 50-50,

Would be first ever, isn’t that nifty?

Magic Johnson buys the team,

Will Showtime be the Dodgers theme?

A division title is quite iffy.

 Colorado Rockies: 82-80

Tulo, Gonzo are a pitchers nightmare,

Opposition, Rockies pitching does not scare.

No ace to take the reigns,

Lose many high-scoring games.

Wild Card is the best they can fair.

San Diego Padres: 68-94

Pitching was good, but they lose their ace,

Hitting was brutal, again is the case.

Quentin adds a needed surge,

Hundred losses, on the verge?

With Latos gone will they fall on their face?

Cy Young Candidate: SP Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles)

MVP Candidate: OF Matt Kemp (Los Angeles)

Rookie of the Year: 1B Yonder Alonso (San Diego)

Breakout Candidate: SP Jeremy Guthrie (Colorado)

American League West

Texas Rangers: 94-68

World Series loser’s two years straight,

Number three could be a short wait.

Is Yu a stud? We shall see,

Staying healthy is the key

A deep October run, the Rangers fate?

 Los Angeles Angels : 93-69

Starters one through four, as good as it gets,

Addition of Pujols gives Rangers fits.

Outfield getting old quick,

Mike Trout will do the trick.

AL West race will be a hit

 Oakland Athletics: 70-92

Moneyball’s the game for the man in charge,

Yankees payroll nearly four times as large.

Cespedes brings excitement,

Will he be money well spent?

Gap between second place and third is large.

 Seattle Mariners: 69-93

Poor Ichiro and poor King Felix,

Ackley and Montero could be a fix.

But won’t be nearly enough,

M’s roster not up to snuff.

Career years from all to stay in the mix.

 Cy Young Candidate: SP Felix Hernandez (Seattle)

MVP Candidate: 1B Albert Pujols (Los Angeles)

           Rookie of the Year: OF Mike Trout (Los Angeles)

Breakout Candidate: 2B Dustin Ackley (Seattle)

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