2012 NL/AL East Limerick Preview

Posted: 11th April 2012 by Jeff Plattner in MLB
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For those of you who read it, I hope you enjoyed my 2011-12 NBA Eastern Conference Limerick Preview, because I thoroughly enjoyed writing them. So much so that we’re revisiting the Limerick format, this time for my 2012 MLB Preview. Although all four Opening Days seemed to pass me by before this three-part preview made it up on the blog, we’ll kick it off with a poetic look at the American and National League East divisions. Following will be the West and then the Central divisions, as well as my some can’t miss post-season predictions!!

National League East

Philadelphia Phillies: 94-68

Howard’s Achilles is the main concern.

Will he perform well once set to return?

The rotation is sick

And the lineup can hit,

But in October will Philly get burned?

 Miami Marlins: 93-69

Lost out on Pujols, but lineup’s no joke.

Nice blend of speed and the power to stroke.

The rotation’s no dud

And the closer’s, a stud.

Fire under his guys, Ozzie will stoke.

 Atlanta Braves: 91-71

September collapse they’ll hear all year,

Best to move on, put it in rear view mirror.

Chipper making one last run,

Surgery first, that’s no fun.

Talent is there to have huge bounce back year.

 Washington Nationals: 85-77

Gio and Edwin make pitching staff sweet,

Strasburg’s the key can he still bring the heat?

They won’t blow you away

By crushing pitches all day,

But this team has a chance to compete.

New York Mets: 70-92

Players complained and the fences moved in,

But will the results equal more Mets wins?

They may hit more home runs

But when it’s all said and done,

The Mets are the Mets and the Mets don’t win

Cy Young Candidate: SP Roy Halladay (Philadelphia)

MVP Candidate: OF Giancarlo Stanton (Miami)

Rookie of the Year: OF Bryce Harper (Washington)

Breakout Candidate: SP Brandon Beachy (Atlanta)

American League East

 New York Yankees: 95-67

The Bronx Bombers continue to age,

Finding it tough to turn the page.

The pitching has been revived.

Can they manage to survive,

When opponents come at them with a rage.

 Tampa Bay Rays: 94-68

The youthful Rays never seem to fade

Grooming their own draft picks is their trade.

Price and Moore, gifted lefties,

Speed, power; very hefty

The Rays may have it made in the shade.

 Boston Red Sox: 86-76

Just like the Braves, collapse was the deal,

But beer was the cause, now how does that feel?

Can Bobby V set them straight?

Back to their winning ways,

Or hangover, will the Sox still reel?

 Toronto Blue Jays: 84-78

Toronto improves year after year,

But in their division, giants appear.

Yankees, Red Sox, and the Rays,

 Finish better than the Jays.

Playoffs? ’93 was the last year.

Baltimore Orioles: 67-95

Fourteen straight losing seasons,

Orioles are bad for many reasons.

70 wins is the goal,

Not done, five years in a row.

Brutal pitching makes it six straight seasons.

Cy Young Candidate: SP CC Sabathia (NY Yankees)

MVP Candidate: 3B Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay)

Rookie of the Year: SP Matt Moore (Tampa Bay)

Breakout Candidate: OF Desmond Jennings (Tampa Bay)

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