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2011-12 NBA Eastern Conference Limerick Preview

Posted: 28th December 2011 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

Yesterday was the Japanese Haiku themed Western Conference preview. Today, we’ll break down the East in Limerick form. For those unfamiliar, the Limerick is a typically witty, humorous poem with a strict rhyme scheme. Standard form is a stanza of five lines, with the first, second, and fifth usually rhyming with each other and containing […]

NBA 2011-12 Western Conference Haiku Preview

Posted: 27th December 2011 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

In the spirit of an abbreviated regular season, no thanks to a lockout that went on entirely too long, we’ll take an abbreviated look into the 2011-12 NBA season, what teams to look out for, and make some bold predictions along the way. All in the form of the Japanese Haiku, a poetic form most […]

Rubio and the Wolves

Posted: 19th December 2011 by Jeff Plattner in NBA

2 years and 25 weeks, 29 months and 22 days, 129 weeks and 2 days, 905 days, 21,720 hours, 1,303,200 minutes, or 78,192,000 seconds. However you want to look at it, that is how long Minnesota Timberwolves fans had to wait until it was finally time to see Ricky Rubio take the Target Center floor […]

NCAA Football Playoffs: What if…

Posted: 13th December 2011 by Jeff Plattner in College Football

In my last post, I went off on the ridiculousness of college football’s BCS post-season system. We all know it’s time for a change, whether it’s a plus one system or a complete playoff format, or heck, at this point, even reverting back to the old ways would make more sense. The only real problem […]

Bogus BCS Bunco’s Boise State Broncos

Posted: 5th December 2011 by Jeff Plattner in College Football

Surprise, surprise, they’ve done it again. For the umpteenth consecutive year, the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) has proved it is the worst possible postseason format in American sports. And let’s forget about the LSU versus Alabama rematch for the National Championship, because we all knew that was going to happen regardless of the outcome in […]