Week 3 NFL quick picks: Predictions in ten words or less

Posted: 24th September 2011 by Jeff Plattner in NFL
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Week 3 of the NFL season is a day away and the first two weeks have been all but predictable. Injuries have been the major story thus far, with an incredible number of key players going down for the season. The lack of proper preseason training regimens has to be the culprit behind the way ACL’s have been shredding all across the league. However, dealing with those injuries and moving on is all part of a typical NFL season. So, through two weeks, there have been some surprise 2-0 teams (Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins) and some 0-2 teams that have fallen into a tailspin from the point they were at a year ago (Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts). Without further ado, I give you the NFL’s Week 3 “quick picks.”

Patriots 41 Bills 31:  Defenses will struggle, but Pats will force turnovers when needed.

Bengals 24 49ers 20:  Coach Harbaugh starts to regret giving Alex Smith another shot.

Browns 27 Dolphins 19:  Henne cools down, Hillis carries the load for Cleveland.

Titans 33 Broncos 17:  Chris Johnson enjoys a 2009 kind of day.

Lions 31 Vikings 20:  Stafford and Calvin Johnson will do as they please.

Saints 27 Texans 24:  Superdome advantage proves too much for Texans to overcome.

Eagles 33 Giants 20:  Injuries everywhere for Giants, Vick plays = Eagles win.

Panthers 36 Jaguars 30:  Newton throws for less than 400, but gets first win.

Raiders 27 Jets 23:  Jet lag wears down New York late in the game.

Ravens 24 Rams 13:  Promising Rams have an uphill battle after starting 0-3.

Chargers 42 Chiefs 10:  Chiefs are happy to get out with no ACL tears.

Packers 27 Bears 23:  Bears defense or special teams TD won’t quite be enough.

Cardinals 31 Seahawks 13:  Hawks fans get first home look at TJack. Have fun!

Falcons 35 Buccaneers 31:  Welcome to the Julio Jones coming out party.

Steelers 27 Colts 16:  Colts keep improving, but 2011 =  long year in Indy.

Redskins 35 Cowboys 34:  Surprise Redskins stay hot in a classic old west shootout.




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